Tips To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

tips to make your lips look fuller

The perfect pout is a trend that began in the twenty-first century. Celebrities who did not have fuller lips went to extreme measures such as using lip filler to achieve a bigger and better-shaped pout. Those who admired these celebrities followed suite looking for more natural ways to achieve fuller lips. This trend has quickly taken over the world because of the endless lipstick and lip gloss options available today. Before you consider the lip filler options, try these natural ways of achieving fuller lips.

Avoid dark lipstick

If you are familiar with the saying ‘black is slimming’ then you understand why you need to avoid darker shades of lipstick if you want your lips to look fuller. Dark lipstick absorbs light to give your lips a flat look while making them look even smaller. If you want your lips to look fuller try going for a brighter or nude color with a glossy or glittery finish. This will help to reflect light and give the impression that your lips are bigger. If you must wear dark lipstick finish it off with a shiny lip gloss or glitter bits in order to reflect light.

Exfoliate the lips

Brushing your lips is not only good for your oral hygiene but also for making your lips look fuller. All you need to exfoliate your lips is a toothbrush and a little water. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush by gently moving the bristles in small concentric circles all over your lips. This works because brushing your lips encourages blood flow which can make them look slightly fuller. Keep in mind that your lips are sensitive so you will not need much pressure to complete this task. An older toothbrush can provide just the right amount of pressure because the bristles are softer.

Lip liner

If you are familiar with pop culture, then you are probably envious of Kylie Jenner and her full lips. Most people believe that she had work done on her lips, but even so, she always uses a lip liner. Lip liner was created to give an outline to the lips and also has the effect of making your lips look fuller. The trick is in the Cupid’s bow; a well-defined bow can make your lips look fuller. To define your bow, draw an X at the top of your bow to help with the outline then proceed to outline the lips. Not that this should be done before applying the lipstick. Choose a Lip liner that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color to really bring out the lips. If you want the ultimate pout look then move the outline away from your mouth by a few millimeters just under your natural lip outline. You can also blend in the lip liner with your lipstick to create an ombre look, the inner part of your lips will be more defined and give you a better pout.


If you have never thought of using moisturizer on your lips, then you probably have a problem with thin lips. Dry lips often become flaky, and a dry pucker can make your lips look smaller. Therefore, always moisturize your lips to maintain hydration, also use lip balm if you are not wearing lipstick to ensure the skin does not crack or dry up.

Use highlighter

Though highlighter was created for the cheekbones, it can be used to make your lips fuller. Apply white highlighter on the middle part of your upper and lower lip and blend into the rest of lips. This highlighter will reflect the light to give the impression that your lips are fuller. You can also apply lip gloss on this effect to enhance the look further.


Another reason why lips can look thin is because the color on the tube of lipstick does not match the one that appears on the lips. The one on the lips may appear dull and cause your lips to look thin. To remedy this, apply concealer on your lips to create a blank canvas. When you apply lipstick on top, you will realize that the lipstick color on the lips is closer to the one on the tube. This works best for nude shades, neon and bright colors rather than dark colors. The effect on dark colored lipstick is reversed and makes the lips look smaller.

Different color lipstick

This hack is for people who have one lip that is fuller than the other. The trick to making this lip as full as the other is to use different shades of lipstick. Pick two shades of nude lipstick making sure that one is lighter than the other. Apply the lighter shade on the thinner lip and the darker shade on the fuller lip. The effect is that the thinner lip will reflect more light than the fuller lip which means they will both look the same amount of fullness. You can even add a shiny lip gloss to the thinner lip.


Contour for lips is not easy but manageable. The correct contour can make your lips look fuller. All you have to do is use a lip liner that is one or two shades darker than the original lip liner you used to outline your lips. Apply the liner just next to the outline and contour till it blends. Though the desired effect may be difficult to achieve, contouring the lips will definitely make your pout more dramatic.


If your lips look a little too thin, it might be because your lipstick comes off too easily. The best way to remedy this is to apply foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. Foundation gives the lip color something to hold on to especially when using brightly colored lipstick. It prevents the color from falling out and gives the lips a bigger pout.

Face powder

To bring your pout out, even more, apply a darker face powder onto the bottom of your lip and blend with a concealer brush. This will darken the bottom of your lip by adding a shadow which makes your lipstick even brighter and gives the illusion of a bigger pout.
Note that if you are not wearing lipstick, you should always keep your lips hydrated and wear a glossy or shiny lip gloss to maintain the full appearance.

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