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Resistance band workouts for men – 10 min. at home workout

resistance band workouts for men

A resistant band is an elastic band that is used for strength training. They are commonly used in therapy sessions for people who have had muscular injuries. Resistant bands should be used because they add intensity to your work out and can help build up on muscles especially if you have had previous trauma to your muscles. They can be used in different forms of exercises especially for men as in the following two.

Front squats: Squats are already a strength training exercise that helps to centralize your core and build up on muscles. Adding a resistant band to this work out boosts the intensity for better muscle formation. To begin, stand on a resistant band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Holding a handle in each hand, bring the top of the band over each shoulder. If it’s too long, secure the band in place by crossing your arms over your chest. Proceed to sit straight down ensuring that your chest stays up, your abs are firm, and that you are pressing your knees out over your toes. Rise to the starting position to complete a rep and repeat ten times per day for better results.

Lateral Band Walk: This is an exciting exercise that works up the leg muscles by making them stronger and more enduring. Step into a loop band or tie a therapy band around the lower legs, just above both ankles. Place your feet shoulder-width apart to create tension on the band. From your body into a half-squat position then shift your weight to the left side while stepping sideways with the right leg. Move the standing leg slightly in, but keep the band taut. Take 8 to 10 steps before heading back the other way. Return to the starting position and rest for thirty seconds. Begin again and repeat the process five to ten times for proper leg muscle development.

Advantages of using a resistant band

One of the most significant benefits of using a resistant band is that it is cost-effective because it goes for roughly ten dollars. Even bands that come with a work out video are sold for a mere forty dollars.

Another advantage is that it is adaptable for multiple fitness levels. Resistant bands come in a variety of resistances including light, medium and heavy. You can even alter your band by either adding or reducing slack to the band depending on your progress of working out.

Resistant bands can also be combined with other exercise equipment including weights because of how versatile they are. You can also combine them with regular exercises such as squats, sit-ups, and even pushups.

Resistant bands vs. free weights

Resistant bands and free weights are both two exercise equipment that is good for building muscles and losing weight. They both provide some form of resistance and allow a free range of motion. They also enable variable speed of movement, and they allow progressive resistance. However, despite these similarities, research has shown that resistant bands have several benefits that outweigh those of free weights. Resistance bands are ideal if you want to train while traveling because the latex bands hardly take any space in your suitcase, while they are very efficient.

Underneath you can find two 10 min resistance band workouts for men you can do everywhere!

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