Makeup and Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

hair makeup mistakes that make you look older

Are you wondering if you’re making some mistakes that might make you look older than you really are? There are 15 major makeup and hair mistakes can add plus years to your face. From too much foundation to heavy bangs, straight hair, and other common looks. Check out the major offenders – and how to avoid them.

Makeup Mistakes

No Blush
Our face loses its color as we age, resulting in a washed out complexion that makes blush more important. Blend a cream formula on your apples of your cheeks for a lovely, lit-from-within glow.

Too Much Foundation
Caked on foundation brings out the wrinkles because the foundation settles into fine lines. Instead, use a makeup sponge to apply a single thin layer of moisturizing foundation (not long-wearing or matte), which will hydrate your skin and deemphasize creases.

Too Much Concealer under the Eyes
The dark bags under the eyes can make you look older than you really are. And if you think that putting on too much concealer can solve your problem – you’re wrong; it can only draw attention to it even more. So choose a creamy, richly pigmented concealer – it will give you coverage without having to put on too much of the product.

Dark Lipstick
As we’re aging, our lips tend to become a little slender, and a dark lip color, in fact, makes them look even thinner. So stick to light-colored or bright lipsticks and add a bit of gloss in the center of your lip to plump your pout.

Eyeliner around the Entire Eye
A solid dark eyeliner can be quite harsh. It creates sharp lines that can draw out crow’s feet. Plus, they make the eyes look smaller, too. Also, make sure you don’t use a thick liner on the upper lashes. It can make the lids look heavier and therefore add years. Instead, line only the outer 3 quarters of your eye, and smudge out your liner with a Q-tip or an angled brush to soften the look a bit. Use a bright share to highlight the inner corners.

Mascara on the Lower Lashes
Most likely you have been told time and time again that applying mascara on your lower lashes makes your eyes look bigger and dramatic. However, when you age, this trick can, in fact, make your eyes look droopy. So stick to emphasizing your upper lashes to refrain your look from becoming bottom-heavy.

Too Thin Eyebrows
With age, our eyebrows thin and fade which is why fuller eyebrows make most faces look more youthful than the thin brows. So use an angled brush and fill in sparse brows with a powder that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color.

Too Much Bronzer
It is not a good idea to wear too much bronzer over your whole face as it can make you look much older than you truly are. So instead stick to the “C” form – along the sides of your face, on the temples, and right under your cheekbones.

Hair Mistakes

Blunt Bangs
Avoid making A too-heavy fringe because it closes off your face and makes your eyes look smaller by hiding your pretty face. So instead choose a more split up, feathery fringe that lets your beautiful face show.

Frightening Frizz
Unkempt texture can give you a frazzled look. So if your hair is naturally curly, make sure it is getting enough moisturizing TLC to stay in healthy, shiny condition.

A Style that’s Too Coiffed
Avoid doing a style that is too coiffed because the stiffness and vintage feel may add years to your appearance. For a more young-looking updo, tone down the volume and leave a few loose pieces and flyaways that will soften the look.

Flat Iron Overload
If you have a 20- something baby face, you can easily get away with this texture. But if you have a more mature face (or have an angular bone structure), this flat-ironed hair can look too harsh. Waves, on the other hand, add a good looking softness to the features.

Dark, One-Dimensional Color
A dyed black hair can look fake and emphasize the skin’s pale tones (the complexions get yellower as we age, which is why blush is so helpful in making a fresh-faced look). Depending on the skin tone, a deep mahogany brown can be more flattering.

Over Lightened Hair
Over bleached hair, on the other hand, not only washes out the complexion, but it also damages your hair. And nothing is more aging than dried out split ends.

Juvenile Styles
Heidi was a little Swiss girl, and you are a grown woman. A too juvenile hairstyle such as halo braid or pigtails just highlights the fact that you are not a child anymore and who wants to be? If you like braids, make ones that are more adulthood-like.
Hope you enjoyed reading these common beauty mistakes and learned how to avoid them. Do tell me if you know some other mistakes in the comment section below.

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