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High Protein Breakfast Ideas

high protein breakfast ideas

Protein is a bodybuilding nutrient that most humans need more of in order to stay healthy and energized. The best way to remain energized during the day is through a healthy and filling breakfast. A good breakfast can get you through the day without any sugary cravings and no fatigue or sugar crashing. Most people involve eggs as part of their breakfast; they are not wrong to do so. Eggs contain high amounts of protein which should be the highest nutrient amount on your breakfast plate. Protein provides they body with energy without all the unnecessary carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. If you are on the path to weight loss or a healthier diet, then consider some of the following high protein breakfast ideas for a kick start of the day.

Vegetable Eggs

It is no surprise that eggs contain high amounts of protein. However, contrary to what most people think, the highest amount of protein is found in the egg whites rather than the yolk. Therefore, for this recipe you will only need the egg whites which are good for your body because the yolk contains saturated fats. Beat three to six egg whites in a bowl and add in chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes and any other vegetables you may want. There is no limit to the amount you can add but always ensure that there is a balance of egg whites and the vegetables. Researchers encourage using spinach because it is a rich source of iron that pairs well with protein. Note that the vegetables should be raw in order to preserve their nutrients. Fry this mixture as you would with a normal egg with a few drops of olive oil until it is well done. If you are more of a gooey eggs person, avoid flipping the eggs to the other side. Serve this meal with fresh fruit juice and avocado slices.


Because it is milk-based, yogurt contains a healthy amount of protein, and every amount is worth the bite. Although the specific protein content of yogurt varies significantly, every type of yogurt contains good amounts of protein. For breakfast, you can skip the coffee or tea and replace it with fresh yogurt preferably plain. You can also top up pancakes with a scoop of yogurt. If you really want to dial up your protein intake, use yogurt as a top-up for your protein shake or any other milkshake. If you are on a strict regimen of avoiding sugars, opt to drink Greek yogurt or plain unflavored yogurt which may be packaged under the name ‘natural yogurt.’

Protein Shake

Much has been said about protein powder and how it is packed with unhealthy compounds. For some protein powders, this is true. However, if you buy a plant-based protein powder then you are ready to, make a healthy protein shake. A protein shake with just protein powder and milk is good enough for a high protein breakfast, but you can curb your sugar craving by tossing in a few berries. First, blend the protein powder and milk until they have mixed well. Next, toss in a few strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries then blend well. For that omega three boost, also add acai berries because they are rich sources of omega three fats. You can drink this shake on its own as breakfast or pair it with some egg whites. If you want a little more protein boost, you can add peanuts to the shake by either blending them together with the shake or adding them to the shake whole.

Peanut butter

Because peanut butter is drawn for peanuts, they contain high amounts of protein. The basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is enough for a protein-packed breakfast, but it can get a little monotonous. Another way to incorporate peanut butter into your breakfast is with pancakes. Simply add two tablespoons of peanut butter into your pancake batter and mix well. You can also use the peanut butter as a topping for the pancakes. You can also make ‘ants on a log’ which involves smearing peanut butter on celery sticks then sprinkling with resins.


If you enjoy sausages and bacon for breakfast and is not ready to give them up, researchers suggest that you replace them with ham. Ham is a high source of protein and is healthier than bacon and sausage. Ham is pre-cooked, so it will only require a little heating; if you want to be a little more creative with the ham then try making ham cups. Overturn a muffin tin and lightly grease the bottom and sides. Wrap ham slices around the propped up bottoms and sides then bake in the oven till they brown. Remove the molded ham cups and pour into each a beaten egg, salt and a sprinkle of chili powder. Bake till the eggs till they are either runny or well done depending on your preferences. Serve this with fresh juice or yogurt.

Cottage cheese

Like every other dairy product, cheese is a good source of protein specifically cottage cheese. There are many ways to incorporate cottage cheese into your breakfast; for starters, you can use it as a topping for pancakes and milkshakes. Researchers also suggest preparing eggs with cottage cheese. Whether you are frying or poaching or even baking, sprinkle the cottage cheese into the beaten eggs then proceed to cook them. Another less time-consuming way of adding cottage cheese to your breakfast is by eating the cheese straight from the bowl. This is a difficult task for many to do because cheese can have an unsavory taste and it is why researchers have encouraged incorporating fruits to this dish. Just pair a bowl of cottage cheese with your favorite assortment of berries and fruits.

Researchers have concluded that it is important o eat breakfast. In fact, skipping breakfast can result in unhealthy weight gain, higher cholesterol levels, and a shifted inner clock. Always ensure that you take a healthy high protein breakfast every day.

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