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Exercises that burn the most calories

exercises that burn the most calories

On the path to weight loss or physical fitness, there will come a time that you will want or need to increase your calorie burning regimen. This, of course, will be difficult to do for some reasons. It could be that you do not have time to do longer exercises or you do not have access to a gym or recreational center. This is no reason to give up, but it is instead an opportunity to challenge yourself to do more than you would while observing daily activities. Burning more calories can include either changing from normal exercises to more vigorous ones or extending less vigorous exercise for maximum burning of calories. This article gives insight as to what exercises burn the most calories and how they should be done.


Swimming is a wonderful leisure activity which has been going on for centuries. However, few people know the exercise benefits brought about by swimming. Researchers have concluded that swimming is one of the best exercises to burn calories because when you are swimming, the whole body works and participates equally. The legs kick while the arms stroke to pull the body forward. The entire body especially the torso contracts in order to keep the body afloat. With this much muscle involvement, swimming can burn up to 372 calories for a thirty-minute swim. Including variations of strokes can maximize calories being burned because each stroke has its own unique effect.

Jumping rope

Most people see jumping rope as a child’s plaything and fewer people engage in the exercise part of it. Although it seemed effortless as a child, jumping rope is more intense as an exercise. Jumping rope is a good way to burn more calories because it uses more muscle groups which are the hands that turn the rope, the legs and feet that jump and the general body which contracts in order to lift the body. It also challenges the coordination and balance of the body and mind. Moderate to intense rope jumping of about 100-120 skips per minute burns thirteen calories per minute. However, doing this for a constant thirty minutes would be too intense therefore the best way to jump rope is to jump in intervals of five minutes and then allowing a cool down where you jog or march in place.


Burpees are a form of intense exercise that involves the entire body. To begin, you squat down then kick your feet into a push-up position then do one or two push-ups. After this, you will pull your feet back to your hands and proceed to jump up into the air with your hands over your head. Thus you will have completed one burpee. As described, Burpees are intense and doing them continuously over a period of time gives an intense calorie burning effect. A 180-pound person can burn up to 1.43 calories per burpee. Scientists recommend ten burpees per sixty seconds for maximum calorie burning. Doing this at least once every day speeds up the body’s metabolism which burns more calories.


Jogging is already hard enough without adding intensity to it. Few people jog as a form of exercise and even fewer run because of how hard it can be. However, among the many benefits of running is that it helps to speed up the body’s metabolism through burning more calories. While running, the whole body moves away from the ground with the feet pushing the body forward and the hands moving side to side for a controlled rhythm. Running is greatly beneficial to the body because when running at a steady pace of six miles per hour, you can burn up to 133 calories in just thirty minutes. This pace can differ in people depending on the athletic ability and physical fitness, but researchers have found that the faster you run then, the more calories you burn. Therefore you should always challenge yourself to run faster and for longer periods.


Cycling is no longer just a means of transportation or leisure; it is also a great exercise for people who aim to get the most out of their workout by burning more calories. Cycling is a good form of exercise because it involves working the legs and feet building up on the tightness of the abdominal muscles. Therefore, it develops stronger leg muscles and a more toned abdomen. Not only this but cycling also challenges the coordination and balance of the mind and the body. The better you cycle without needing to stop then the better your balance and coordination. The latest calorie burning trend in cycling is fat-tire bikes. These heavy bikes are harder to pedal on than others meaning that they challenge the cycling ability of the lungs and help to burn more calories. Peddling these hard to turn monster bikes can help you burn up to twenty-five calories per minute. Research has stated that this exercise is especially effective when done on rough terrains such as the hillside, snowy mountains or dirt roads because it is more challenging and will speed up the body’s metabolism by up to 20%. A thirty-minute workout two or three times a week is recommended for notable results.


Researchers have said that if for one reason or another you are not able to run or jog, then skiing the best alternative. In fact, it is better than running because it requires one to pull with the upper body and push with the lower to keep moving. A proper ski session involves skiing up then skiing down the slope nonstop. A good cross country ski session can burn up to twelve calories per minute. This is why professional ski racers collapse in exhaustion even though they seem to have done an effortless job.

It is important to note that while raising metabolism through more intense workouts is beneficial to the body you should always be careful to not push the body beyond its limits. This is because it can seriously injure the body to the point of pulled muscles, sprained limbs and even broken bones. Before you attempt any of the exercises, ensure that your body is up to physical standards and you have no injuries.

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